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Fodera Foods is proud of our product line which handles a multitude of businesses, from Noodle manufacturers, Bagels and Deli, Donuts to Bakeries and café’s. We also carry a complete line of low Carb products. When covering such a wide spectrum of clients, we have a wide variety of products best suited to your specific business needs.

When an exact fit is not met, we create products to meet or exceed our customers needs and in many cases we will pack their products with our specifi-cations in our own Metro label. That’s why you should pay special attention to our “ Metro” products, you will be pleasantly surprised.

“Fodera Foods is happy to announce the addition of following excellent manufactures to our family.”
  • King Arthur Flour
  • Giusto’s Organic flour Mills
  • Lindley Milling
  • North Country Farms Milling
  • Wholesome Sweeteners

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